True Wisdom!

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True Wisdom!

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A Sermon by James Garbutt, Teaching Elder at Sovereign Grace Church

True Wisdom!

I. True wisdom is knowing God in a life changing relationship.

A. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

II. False wisdom

A. The Motives

1. Selfish- self-centered & consumed with ego fulfillment.

B. The Characteristics (James 3:15)

1. Earthly-

2. Sensual-

3. Demoniacal-

C. The Result (James 3:16)

III. True Wisdom

A. The Motive

1. Purity

B. The Characteristics (James 3:17)

1. Peaceable-

2. Gentle-

3. Reasonable-

4. Full of Mercy-

5. Full of Good Fruits-

6. Impartial-

7. Sincere-

C. The Result (James 3:18)

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